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Digital Media Marketing

Do you want some ATTENTION?

Digital Media Marketing will get you attention!

Digital Media Marketing combines the effectiveness of Direct Mail Marketing with Digital Multimedia technology, utilizing CD, DVD, USB and other Memory Card Media that will enhance your Direct Marketing program and increase your response rate and your profits.

Q - What do most people do with Direct Mail (paper) pieces they receive in their mailbox?

A - Most people throw away paper direct mail pieces after a quick scan (hopefully in the recycle bin)

Q - What would you do if you received a mailer with a CD, DVD, USB or Memory Card in it?

A - GOTCHA , you thought about it, didn’t you? A recent study reports that over 90% of the recipients opened the package with the Digital Media piece in it.

Utilizing Digital Media such as CD, DVD, USB or other Memory Card Media as the vehicle for delivering your Direct Marketing message will differentiate you from all others. CDs, DVDs, USBs and Memory Card Media are perceived to have more value than printed materials alone.

When most people open a package with a Digital Media unit, they will keep them for a longer period of time than with printed materials.

Q – What would you do with CD, DVD, USB or other Memory Card Media once you’ve opened the package?

A- The same study revealed that of the respondents that opened the package, over 70% actually played the media. WOW, that is roughly a 60+% rate of interactivity with the media.

Q – Do you know what the average response rate for a non Digital Media Mailer or printed mailer might be?

A- The accepted and standard response rate for printed paper direct mail is between 1% to 2%, for a successful campaign.

IMAGINE if you could have 60% of your potential targets interact with your Digital Media Marketing piece?

Q – Would you increase their interest?

A- Most likely

Q – Would you increase sales and profits?

A- You should

Digital Media Marketing will create an immediate interactive experience with your target audience unlike anything they’ve ever received or experienced from their mail box before.

Digital Media can create the experience you want IMMEDIATELY.

You have now captured your audience….., they’re now interacting……, and they’re now watching and listening….., engaged and interacting with exactly what you want them to see and hear, in the comfort of their home or office and when it is most convenient for them.

Q – Do you think you have their attention now?

A- Its all yours for the next few moments

Research has shown that memory retention is 50% to 60% greater with Digital based multimedia presentations than with traditional printed materials which only have a 10%-20% retention rate.

Unlike annoying TV and Radio commercials that interfere with your valuable time and space, Digital Media interaction happens only when the receiver wants it to happen, on their terms and with their mind ready to take in the dynamic, high impact lasting impression you want delivered.

RECAP – Some advantages of Digital Media Marketing are:

  • Very High Response Rate
  • Differentiated
  • Creative
  • Receptive Audience
  • High Impact Message
  • Cost effective


  • ECO Friendly - Reduced carbon footprint utilizing less paper
  • Easy to Use, versatile and lightweight
  • Use of effective multimedia content, audio, video, flash, pdfs, whatever can be created digitally can be put on Digital Media.
  • Links to your web site for marketing response measurement, e-commerce sales or just to update changing information.
  • Re-use of media – Can use a locked portion of USB memory to deliver message, balance of space for customer to use for personal data storage, over and over again. Great branding tool!
  • Re-Use – referral or hand off to secondary users, recycled marketing


Research has shown that memory retention is 50% to 60% greater with Digital based multimedia than with traditional printed materials which have a 10%-20% retention rate.

Digital Media based marketing is more cost effective when compared to traditional print marketing and savings are realized on postage and shipping due to the reduction of weight in materials used. A tremendous amount of information can be digitized and put onto Digital Media versus the amount of printed materials needed for equal amounts of information.

In a study performed by DiscMail Direct and the Direct Marketing Association, and disseminated at the DMA 2010 Conference and Exhibition in San Francisco, it was reported that:

  • 91% of test respondents would open a Direct Mail Piece with a CD or DVD than without one
  • 73% of the respondents actually played the media
  • 59% believed that a CD or DVD was more secure than email
  • 85% preferred receiving a CD or DVD rather than an email


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