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Do it Yourself CD and DVD Duplication

This section is dedicated to those;
……Who prefer to do the job themselves……

……For those who take the challenge head on……

……For those Who CAN….

We Welcome You!

When you have the right tools, CD and DVD duplication can be a breeze.

ProAction Media has all the products you need to create your very own Professional Media Package. We have the best Equipment, Blank Media, Packaging, Print Supplies, and Custom Pre-Printed Inserts and packaging available. We also have a full line of video and mastering services to help complete your project.

ProAction Media carries the best Duplicators on the market today, CD and DVD Duplicators from 1 drive to hundreds, with LiteScribe, Copy Protection, Bluray, Daisy Chained or Networkable, We have the right model for you, whether you make 1 copy or thoudsands. Call us today and one of our Duplicator experts will assist you with choosing the right model for you.

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Did you know that ProAction Media carries only the very best Blank CDR media and Blank DVDR media available for the professional duplication industry. Silver Top or with a White Printable Top, Full Size or Mini Disc. We have the right selection for the professional duplicator.

Packaging, Packaging, and more Packaging.

ProAction Media has the packaging you need or if you can’t find it on our site, we can find it for you. We have a vast network of packaging distributors and manufacturers around the world that can make almost anything you need.

From basic packaging like Jewel Cases or DVD Cases and White Paper Sleeves

to Printed Sleeves, Mailers and DigiPaks

To Custom Disc Packaging like Disc Cases made from Metal, Wood or plastic. Cases that can hold multiple discs or even cases that can light up. You imagine it and we can create it.

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The Do It Yourselfer will need blank Jewel Case and DVD Case inserts to complete the package. Check out our supply of blank paper inserts that you can print and process yourself using an inkjet or laser printer to create that professional looking package that everyone thinks ProAction Media made for you.

2-Panel Jewel Case Insert + Tray Card Set DVD Case Entrapment


For the Do It Yourselfer who doesn’t want to mess with ink or toner.

Did you know that ProAction Media can preprint your blank CDR and DVDR Media with on-disc high quality Hi-Def or Silkscreen printing?


And…..Did you know that ProAction Media can print professional grade Jewel Case or DVD case inserts for your projects as well as Custom Printed cardboard sleeves, mailers and Digipaks?

Well, Yes We Can!

And…. most minimum volumes start at just 100 units.

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Need Help with your Multi Media Video or Audio content?

ProAction Media can provide full service Video Production and Professional Audio Mastering.

From script writing and on-site video shoot anywhere in the US to Video Editing and custom Post Production.

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