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CD and DVD Artwork Templates

Below you will find templates to meet your designing needs. Please read the tips to assist you in your design and submission processes.

The most common problems that occur with CD/DVD artwork:

  • Low Resolution - 72dpi instead of 300dpi.
  • No bleed - Artwork must have 1/8 bleed beyond its borders.
  • Flattened Image - Artwork and template must be on seperate layers.
  • Linked graphics not supplied.
  • Fonts not supplied or not converted to outlines.
Tips for Designing on ProAction Media's templates:
  • Be sure you are using software that is compatible with the file types that we offer our templates in.  This will ensure a correct and quality end product.
  • Check to see if the template you are designing on coincides with the product that you are ordering (ie: TRU Photo Finish, DVD Entrapment, CD Jewel Case).
  • Start designing your artwork on a separate layer; or however you are able to keep the artwork and our template separate.
  • Acceptable file formats are Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Adobe Photoshop (.psd), Adobe InDesign (.indd), Corel Draw (.cdr), Macromedia Freehand (.fh).
Tips for submitting artwork to ProAction Media:
  • Check if your artwork is at 300 dpi where applies. 300 dpi images are a requirement.  Anything higher than 300 dpi is not necessary.
  • In your final submission, the template must be underneath or removed from your artwork.  If your artwork is submitted on a flatted file (not recommended) what you see is what will print.
  • Bleed is mandatory for all artwork types.
  • If using a program that references the original font files, be sure to outline. (including the font file(s) with your artwork is also an option if you are unable to outline your fonts.)
  • If using a program that allows you to link images to your artwork, please embed your images. (including the image files with your artwork is also an option if you are unable to embed them.)
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If you have any additional questions, please call (877) 593-4261 and enter the Graphics Dept option when prompted.

Note to MS Windows Millennium users:
When downloading EPS templates, Windows may try to save the file with a ".ps" file extension. This is incorrect. When you save the file to your hard drive, change file extension from ".ps" to ".eps". You will notice that Windows still has not changed the file from to ".ps" to ".eps". Please change the file extension back to ".eps" before you save the file. This will allow Windows Millennium to properly save and use the file.