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Disc mailers.The Best of Both Worlds

DiscMail is a web-enabled optical disc (CD-ROM/DVD) delivered through the well-established direct mail channel that enables you to customize, segment, and target your messaging while measuring your campaign results in real time.

DiscMail provides direct mail marketing an option to compete with online advertising by using a proven consumer digital delivery medium – optical media (DVD and CD). Based on the same media that revolutionized the home entertainment experience for billions of consumers around the world, optical media is supercharging direct mail with this valuable, cost-effective medium.

Disc Mailers & Marketing

According to research study produced in cooperation with the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), DVDs and CDs are a preferred form of direct marketing.
  • 91% of all respondents who received a DVD/CD in the mail opened the mailer
  • 73% actually played the discs it in their computer
  • 59% of respondents thought that a DVD was more secure than an email
CD and DVD mailers.
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